Barony of Smoking Rocks Pot Luck Birthday (May 20)

May 20, 2017

Come join the Barony of Smoking Rocks as we celebrate 41 years. 
Baron Richard Leviathan and Baroness Alys Attewater Smoking Rocks will be hosting their Baronial Heavy Combat and Period Rapier Tournaments, along with our A&S Championship. We look forward to watching all of the combat and competition of the day as we welcome all of our new Champions.

This year Baron Fergus will be awarding the top 3 Heraldic banners with a prize. We have lots of outside space and weather permitting it will be wonderful to see your artwork flying high.

Heavy Combat and Rapier Championships:
Heavy Combat tourney and rules are forthcoming.
Baron Wulfhere of Stonemarche is designing and running the DAY”S Heavy Combat Tourney.

Baron Fergus will be designing a challenging competition to test the mettle of the next champions.
Fencers from outside of the Barony are welcome to participate to win the inaugural defender of the shield tourney. The winner of the defender of the shield tourney will be able to covet the handcrafted shield for the time period of 1 year and use at their leisure during this time period. The winners name will be engraved on the back of the shield with the date of the tourney. As Defender of the shield the winner is responsible to defend the Baron and Baroness when called upon. And come back the following year to put on a tourney to find their successor. Who will be the 1st champion of the shield? The top fighters from within the barony will be awarded Champions to the Barony of Smoking Rocks and honored as such in court. Prizes will be awarded to the top fighters overall.

Smoking Rocks Arts and Sciences Championship
Categories are as follows:
Lady Ammalina Taikkizhavi will be in charge of the days A&S competition.
This year we are asking all that are coming for feast to join us with a pot luck Dinner Item. Please sign up ahead of time with Autocrat Baron Fergus Redmead.

And who will win Baron Fergus’s best dessert challenge? The sweetest prize will be awarded to the winner.

This is a DRY SITE with a ZERO TOLERANCE RULE!! Please respect this request.

From Boston: 
Find your best way to I-93 S/US-1 S
Merge onto MA-24 S via EXIT 4 on the left toward Brockton.
Merge onto MA-104 W via EXIT 15 toward Raynham.
Turn left onto Center St/MA-104. Continue to follow MA-104.
Turn right onto S Main St/MA-104.
785 S MAIN ST is on the left.

From Providence:
Find your best way to I-195 E.
Take the US-44 E exit, EXIT 4, toward Taunton Ave.
Stay straight to go onto US-44 E.
Turn slight left onto Hall St/US-44 E.
Keep right at the fork to go on US-44 E (Crossing into Massachusetts).
Turn left onto MA-104/Dean St. Continue to follow MA-104.
785 S MAIN ST is on the right.

From Worcester:
Find your best way to I-90 E/Massachusetts Tpke E toward Boston (Portions toll).
Merge onto I-495 S via EXIT 11A toward Cape Cod/Milford.
Merge onto Broadway/MA-138 S via EXIT 8 toward Taunton.
Turn left onto Center St.
Center St becomes N Main St/MA-104

Site Address:
Stone Church – First Congregational Church
785 S Main St
Raynham, MA 02767
Google Map

Site Opens : 9:00am
Site Closes: 8:00pm

Registration Fees:
The registration fee for this event is $5.00 per person. This event is a potluck dining event and we ask that you contact Baron Fergus Redmead @ to let him know of your dish. We want to make sure that all food categories have been covered.

Feast Fees:
There is no feast fee and reservation deadline for this event. We have decided to make this event a potluck dayboard dining experience.

* Please take the time to write or print out your ingredient list so that those with allergy concerns will be confident with what they are sampling. 
* Please contact Baron Fergus Redmead @ no later than 5-10-2017 with the dish that you will be bringing. We want to make sure all food categories are accommodated.

Make Checks payable to: Barony of Smoking Rocks

Send Reservations to:
Michael G Meyer
151 arnold road
North Attleboro, Ma 02760

Autocrat contact info:
Michael G Meyer
Baron Fergus Redmead

Additional contact info:
Merchant are welcome with limited space so please contact that autocrat no later than 5-1-2017 to reserve your space.


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