Come and Join us for Ice Weasel 16.

When the snow flurries of the North whip thier way over the East, almost everything stops. People hole up against the wind, cold and snow. Warriors put up weapons and repair thier armor. Such is the way of life.

But wait! One tiny Barony in the centre of the Kingdom holds out against the Winter, personified as the dreaded Weasel of Ice! Not matter the wind, no matter the cold, no matter the snow, the Barony of Smoking Rocks has held it’s infamous Ice Weasel Bear Pit Tournament for sixteen years! While other Tournaments have moved the list field indoors, or resheduladed in the Spring, Smoking Rocks hasn’t learned!

Apart from an opportuntity to add your name to the list of the heroes who have prevailed against both the Ice Weasel and the other stelwart oppnenets, we plan a day of classes, both in the kitchen and in the hall, and maybe even possibly by the forge! Learn new skills! Make new friends! Who knows?

We have more than a few Merchants who plan to travel and bring thier wares to surprise and delight! (As of this writing, Merchant Space is *tight*. If you have not already contacted us about merchanting, please contact the Weaselcrat, ASAP. We will try to accomodate everyone, but the day is shaping up to be very busy indeed.)

Food! Their Excellencies, Fergus and Sabina want the people of their Barony and their guests to be fed! We will be having a day-long Potluck Dayboard. There is no Feast. Please contact his Excellency Fergus if you are able to bring something. Those of us with a classic education will know what I mean when I say only one person is allowed to bring potato salad. And that’s me. And since this is our “sweet sixteen”, his Excellency is also sponsoring a dessert contest!

(Please note- this has the potential to be a *very* busy event. There may be a surprise extra or two happening.  There is going to be a lot going on, and if the weather does what it usually does this time of year, it is going to be cold, which means a *lot* of people in the hall. Please be patient, especially loading and unloading. We will have staff on hand, but please understand that everyone involved may have to take a deep breath occasionally and just relax. We thank you in advance for your co-operation.)

I would like to send congratulations and thanks to yesterdays combatants who braved the elements.

Sir Euric: 127

Master Llewelyn: 102

Lord Egil: 97

Lord Taichleach: 77

Baron Wulfere: 69

Damian: 33 I

Isaac: 18

Details can be found at or by calling the Weaslcrat at (508) 345-0174. Please leave a message.

Site Details

Site is Fall River Masonic Hall, 152 Columbus Drive, Fall River MA 02720. Site opens at 10 and closes promptly at 6, everyone left gets a broom. 

Event Location: Fall River Masonic Hall
152 Columbus Drive
Fall River, MA  02720
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$13 at the door/ $5 Discount for SCA members. Prereg adult prices $10 ($5 with member discount) .People under 18 are Free. You may pay in advance via PayPal, or send a reservation to Baron Fergus. Pre-Reg closes on 2-5-2020

To Pre-Reg by PayPal, follow this link:

A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online preregistration information being submitted.  Online preregistration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid.  The final day to preregister online is Wednesday, 2/5/20.

Make Checks Payable to: 

SCA Inc, MA, Barony of Smoking Rocks Contact Information

Event Steward:
Ceawlin Alreding
Ken Howe
(508) 345-0174

Send Reservations to:
Michael G Meyer
151 Arnold Road
North Attleboro Ma, 02760

Other Contact Information:
Pot luck, please contact Baron Fergus at