Buttonholes and Lacing Holes: How to punch and bind holes that allow you to lace or close up a Garment. Awls, needles, fabric and thread provided so you can learn the Buttonhole stitch. Taught by Elaine Howys of Morningthorpe

Cooking over an open fire: Class to be held outdoors.  We will be keeping the fires lit outside in the firepits. Let’s get something cooking. Discussed by Nest verch Tangwistel


Kogin Embroidery: This is a Japanese counted thread embroidery technique, similar to Pattern Darning. The technique uses separate motifs, straight lines of pattern and combinations of both to create simple and complex embroideries. My class will cover a bit of history and some of the patterns I have been able to glean from my meager research of the topic. Fabric, floss and needles will be provided. Some scissors will be available for use. Taught by Clothilde

Not So Tricky Trichinopoly: Learn the basics for Viking Wire Knit so you can make necklaces and bracelets. Supplies will be provided at class. Materials for 12 will be available. Taught by Kadlin Knutr


Canceled– Demystifying Nalbinding: Nalbinding an ancient method for creating a stretchy fabric from yarn, can look like knitting or crochet, but is actually neither and can be cut without unraveling. Let’s demystify one of the many nalbinding stitches together. Yarn and needles will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. Taught by Tasha Medvedeva

Wordsmithing for SCA scrolls: We will talk about the required components, and styles. Taught by Nest verch Tangwistel

Starting a Fire with a Flint and Steel: Class to be held outdoors. Fire is fundamental to survival in the wild. Being able to start a fire with a durable and common piece of flint and steel is one of the most basic skills in your forester’s repertoire. I will explain the basics of fire starting.  Taught by David de la Rochelle


Knots:  Cord, rope, and knots have always been important, let’s practice some useful period knots for outdoor activities, and one newer knot that is too simple and useful to ignore! Taught by Kenrick del Grenewode

Refine Your Hand-Sewing Technique: You’ve learned the basics of hand-sewing and practiced on some projects. Now what? Join us to learn some tips and tricks to refine and improve your hand-sewing technique. Even little things, like an easier way to thread a needle and tie a knot, can make your projects move more smoothly. But we’ll go deeper, learning which stitch types are best in different cases, how to bury a knot so it doesn’t show, and more. Bring your questions and your sewing kit (thread, needles, small scissors or snips, and a bit of linen to practice on) for this hands-on workshop. Taught by Ella de Caleys


Foresters Meeting: Gather to hear about the local forester’s guild. What does it mean and how can you get involved.


Developing a Persona: Beyond Name, Place, and Time Period: So you would like to develop more of a persona. What kinds of information do you need? Where do you find it? What do you do with it after you find it? Taught by Juliana Osborne

Geometric Construction for Tunics: Learn how to make a historically accurate tunic that fits. Use measurements and rectangular construction to develop your own patterns. Taught by Linnet del Grenewode