In the ancient annals of Lore, before the emergence of the Great Northern Army, before the very concept of a Northern Army Banner had formed, there existed a standard that epitomized warfare and close combat within the East Kingdom. This standard belonged to none other than Feral Von Halstern, known as the Silver Wyvern! Raised over four decades ago, this banner still echoes with the wisdom, valor, and aspirations of its bearer. Join us in commemorating Master Feral Von Halstern and the timeless virtues of war!

Welcome to the Silver Wyvern Challenge! This weekend’s event will be held in our own Dorstad Village featuring tourneys, woods battles, sieges, as well as melee education for all aspects of war! Rapier, Armored, Siege, Combat Archery, Target Archery, and Thrown weapons will all have challenges and competitions! For those off the fields, lists, and lanes there are to be shopping and classes. Our Chanceler Minor will have activities for the children of the populous. Other activities will be announced soon.

The Baronial of Court of Smoking Rocks will be seeking Champions at this event. Their Excellencies would like to announce that they are seeking a new Arts & Sciences Champion and a new Fencing Champion to represent the barony. All are welcome to compete and details for competition will be announced soon.

Dorstad Marketplace: Come and set up your wares in the central courtyard of the village to create our own marketplace, there is no reg fee for merchants, but we ask that you pre-reg for space! Please reach out to Muinteoir Roibeard mac Neill to register at

Enjoy a Saturday with no care about breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A meal plan will cover your day so you can focus on activities and melee. The meal plan is $20 for adults and $10 for children under 13. You will need to be pre-registered, and this is non-refundable for head count. In the event that you are unable to make the event your meal may be transferred.

Come and enjoy the company and the activities for the whole weekend for an event hopefully like no other. The Dorstad is located at the beautiful Camp Haiastan, in Franklin MA. The site offers buildings that including cabins, feast hall, activity locations, and bathrooms and showers (On demand hot water!) It is also as ADA compliant as a wilderness camp can be with roads, ramps, and paths, to all locations and buildings including one handicap bathroom cabin (Directors quarters). The site is easily accessible by highway and is 12 minutes away from Hotels, Banks, Restaurants, Grocery and Liquor stores! Cabins can sleep four, eight, or twelve persons. Cabin rentals will be pre-reservation only and non-refundable but may be transferred. There is also limited tent space and pre-registration will be required, there is no extra charge for tent camping. 


The activities schedule and classes both martial and distaff with be listed as they are made available.


We’ve carefully adjusted our prices to ensure they’re as affordable as possible, aiming to open up the opportunity for more people to join in the weekend fun! Just a friendly reminder: there are non-member surcharges applicable to adults.

Adult: Members $25.00 – Non-Members $35

Weekend Youth: (age 14-17) $15.00

Age 13 and Under:  Free 

Family Cap Weekend: (2 adults & 3+ children), Members $60.00 – Non-Members $70  

Saturday Day Trip
Adult:  Members $20.00 – Non-Members $30

Youth: (age 14-17) $10.00

Age 13 and Under:  Free 

Family Cap Day:  (2 adults & 3+ children), with proof of membership $50.00 – Non- Members $60

Menu to be announced. Meal Plan will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner (this is not a rolling/ all day grazing day board) on Saturday only. Meal Plan will need to be preregistered by September 30, 2024.

Meal Plan – Saturday Only$20.00
Age 13 and under: half price$10.00

Tent Camping: space for tents will be limited. To register for a tent please reach out to Elaine Howys of Morningthorpe at

Members of the Foresters Guild will have a dedicated space to camp in the woods.

Cabins: Note that price is for the cabin for the weekend, Friday and Saturday nights ( you will not be able to reserve a cabin for just one night), not per person staying in the cabin. Only one person needs to pre-register for the cabin and can fill the rest of the beds with friends or family. Cabins are non-refundable but if you are not able to make the event the cabin can be transferred to another registered guest. 

A NOTE ON CABINS When we call this an old-fashioned event we mean it. We are doing everything in our power to make things as economical as possible for you. So, to that end please note if you take an 8-bunk cabin, we hope you will fill it with 8 friends as there are only so many cabins available for use. Also understand we are making them available to you at the camp cost per day, with zero mark up. Why? Because we want to fill every space and have folks enjoy the camaraderie that made the SCA something we all grew to love!

To register for a cabin please reach out to Elaine Howys of Morningthorpe at

 Bunk house sleeps 12 (2 available)$160 per Weekend
Cabin Sleeps 8 (13 available)$120 per Weekend
Half Cabin sleeps 4 No Longer Available
Directors Quarters Sleeps 8 (1 available)$120 per Weekend